Dark Brown Vintage Ligne Pics...

  1. i dont like the shape but the color is gorgeous!
  2. Wow! It is gone! Did you "order" it?
  3. I posted 7 minutes ago and it was still available!! No one bought it.....

    I saw the color IRL and wasn't a huge fan!!
  4. I thought there are two shades of brown for this line. My SA described the brown color I have on order as a Hershey chocolate brown. I wish I could see the additional color.
  5. There are two shades of brown. The descriptions I was given are:

    As for the browns, they are both beautiful and the fall is a great time for brown. The difference between the two is as follows: the brown has an orange/rust base to it, making it appear lighter and very warm. The dark brown is a deep chocolate color that has almost a burgundy/redish base to it, making it appear very rich and a good look for a 'vintage' skin.
  6. Is the ebay bag the deep chocolate color or the lighter color? I'm a bit confused.
  7. The ebay pic is the dark brown, as stated in the title of this thread and the auction.
  8. Thanks. I feel a bit silly for asking now. :yes:
  9. I'm scared that my pre-order is going to come in the reddish brown, my SA described it as tobacco :sad:
  10. No worries. :biggrin:

    Swanky, you might want to ask your s/a to clarify whether you're getting brown or dark brown. Nordstrom is receiving both colors so if you just stated "brown" in your order, you might end up with the lighter color.

    I am loving this dark brown and plan to switch my vintage box order from black to dark brown. For some reason, the dark brown captures the vintage/distressing best.
  11. i don't get why anyone buys a bag that you can buy at the stores for more than retail on e-bay. I get why someone would do that with discontinued items but this baffles me....
  12. ^ I agree, bizarre!
    Chanel will sell to anyone, just gotta pick up the phone!
  13. That seller seems to make out quite well selling over retail. I don't get it either.
  14. It baffles me as well.... I don't understand why people pay so much over retail for bags that are still available....

    maybe they prefer to shop online or live no where near a store and can't look at bags to see which one they want to order....