Dark brown pebbled glossy

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  1. :faint::drool::sweatdrop: Love these... Thanks for the eye candy.
  2. Wow, I really like this dark brown! I wonder if its got any red? Do you think it could work in a Stroke Me? I'm feeling the need for this style and a real dark chocolate color with no red, lol...
  3. I was wondering about the pebbled glossy leathers and the SM too. Are you going to ask Rose and Jackie what they think?
  4. ^^
    Okay so I asked and was just told it would be great in a Stroke Me! Wanna join me, Jenova?! :graucho: I don't really *need* another brown bag but I don't have a casual one so this could be pretty darn perfect...I like the way my lg Hug Me drapes so I'm thinking the SM could be just as awesome with the drape thing? Enable me, lol...Vix where are you?! :P
  5. Hmmmmmm - kind of fell in love with my Apple Green SM today - fantasizing about bright ones but it may not last.
  6. ^^^
    LOL, its the fantasizing that'll get ya every time!
    I kinda like the idea that I wouldn't have to baby this bag since I sling my black Hug Me all around and it still looks like it just came out of the box...The others I have to baby a little more...
  7. Hi Jenova,
    We're bag twins!! I love the apple green SM!! It's the only SM I own and I simply adore the chic but casual feel of the bag in this unique color. The pink lining just sets it all off too! Yum!!

  8. Bali

    It really is a delight for all the reasons you state. Glad to know that you have one too.
  9. GG - The dark choco pebbled cervo leather doesn't have red in it. This leather was gorgeous!:drool::drool: