Dark brown pebbled glossy

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  1. Spoke with Jackie the other day and mentioned how much I love the pebbled glossy leather but the current chocolate is a little light for me and she told me she has got hold of a dark brown pebbled glossy leather which almost had purple undertones to it. that is all i know but I thought I would share the news as the leather sounds lovely!
  2. How funny? You and I just posted about this exciting information at the same time!:smile:
  3. I was going to post this, too!! Excitement, a new pebbled leather!
  4. It sounds gorgeous!
  5. Very interested in this one. I am on a quest for the supreme dark brown bag and the ultimate pale turqouise one.
  6. Sounds really pretty!
  7. hmm.. dk brown glossy is what I thought we were all getting with the bespoke hug me order --but it seems that the chocolate leather is not dark brown but lighter. Oh well. it's still a beautiful leather...
  8. I'd like to see how dark the brown is. Wonder if it would be as dark or darker than the choc. matte?
  9. Yes - I find it difficult to be totally enthusiastic without seeing a photo or swatch after buying the previous choco pebbled and finding that it wasn't what I was expecting.
  10. I totally understand! A picture would be perfect but Jackie told me today that won't be possible.
  11. Can she point at another brand that has used the same colour, for instance Prada?
  12. good idea! She did that with the jimmy choo cobalt mahala!

    Okay, dur, she can't take pics of the leather because it's in Italy?? I was like, snap a picture! But the matte chocolate, even thought I've not seen it in person, would be a great comparison point.

    Wait, if Bali saw the sample, then why couldn't a pic be snapped? Well, I'll shut up about that and email Jackie a pic of a dark chocolate bag I have to make sure I don't duplicate things in my own wardrobe!
  13. Well, I thought the leather was a bit darker too, but it is a beautiful leather, which I am happy to have.
    And now there is a possibility in getting the dark one!!
  14. For me, I can't really justify a 2nd purchase of the same bag but in a darker color...
  15. Maybe at a later date.... would be great for the fall.;)