Dark Brown Paddy 2007????

  1. I am looking for a Dark brown ou a choco paddy :love:for this winter, do you know if Chloe is doing that kind of color fall 2007?:confused1:

    Thank you
  2. There is a mocha front pocket Paddy availble at Bergdorfs.com - and probably Neimanmarcus.com too! I believe other gals on the forum recently recieved theirs in the mail?
  3. Just saw one at a Chloe boutique today. Dark, chocolate color.
  4. There's an Ava(on eBay) in 2007 "Moka" too, so maybe that's a new chocolate brown for 2007 as well.
  5. i saw the medium paddy in dark brown at Saks and NM in Boston yesterday, i didn't check the tag but it might be the 07 cafe!
  6. I saw a 2007 medium paddie in chocolate at Neiman's in San Francisco a few weeks ago.
  7. I saw the medium dark brown paddington at Nordstroms in Virginia a couple weeks ago...however I don't know if the color is 2006 or 2007....Good luck with the bag search...
  8. Thank you very much. Today I have called the Chloe boutique (Montaigne Paris) and they told me that's the 07 "chocolate" is called "Moka" and it is a dark brown. I m in love :smile: