Dark Brown Metallic reissue

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  1. ^i believe both nm and saks ordered it in 226 size. at least that is what my SAs have told me but there's been so much confusion on this bag i can't believe anything till i see it with my own eyes lol.
  2. This brown is totally stunning :drool:
  3. I just saw this bag tonight in person and it is not "sold out" yet. My Chanel boutique just got their first one this week.

    The color is VERY different. It's called "Dark Brown" on the tag, but next to the Brown Caviar, it doesn't look brown at all! It does have the metallic reissue "sheen" to it, but not as glitzy of a sheen as the Spring's Navy Blue and Purple's had. There are definite hues of pink or red in this bag's color...If I had to pick a color name, I would say it looked like a deep "Rose Gold." I owned the '06 Dark Gold Reissue that everyone is so "ga ga" over and this new bag puts that color to shame! No one is going to be able to capture the true color of this in photos....you have to see it in real life to appreciate it and I'm sure the color will change from artificial light to natural light.
  4. Dear Photomj,
    How would you contrast this dark brown to the dark (dusty) pink color of fall 08 Act 1. Since you mention there is some rose hue in it, is it a deeper version of dark pink with some gold? If you have to choose one, which one is prettier, more collectible ? thanks.
  5. very pretty... the choices...
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    I never saw the dark pink in person but it kind of makes sense that this one would follow that one! This is definitely a brown purse...the other is definitely pink. When you look at this purse under artificial lights it does have a bronze hue to it but you see the radiance of pink in it as well. And yes, there is some gold in it which probably gives it the bronze look. I know that sounds confusing but it IS an odd color! When you have it on your shoulder and look in a mirror, it is definitely more brown looking. You see the shading and different hues when the light catches it.

    Everyone's opinions will vary on this answer, but if I had to choose, I would choose the Brown to wear, as I don't wear Pink. That being said, from what I've seen of the Pink Reissue, that was a very different looking color! I think both are gorgeous bags and both are collectible! Sigh. This is the problem with Chanel....you must have one of each! :P
  7. Well, I did not have to decide to get this bag or not -My SA called to say that she mailed me a little something:yahoo::faint::sneaky:
    With the disastourous market news today and the congress not passing the bailout bill my DH told me last night absolutely no spending until we see where the economy is going to do and my SA said the only customers she is selling to is her Asia based customers where all is still well in their financial market but since the bag was already shipped what could I do???:shrugs: I was thinking that if I was going to get another bag it should be a classic flap since I only have a few Chanels and one of them is a reissue and still no flap- I really love the westminsiter flap but now it looks like it is this one or nothing so I hope I love it-I never wear cream or rarely brown mostly black & whites-I am nervous and wish I could have seen it IRL!!!
  8. Hopefully, you will love it!!! Is it returnable??
  9. Fortunately, Yes but it is a little convulted since I ended up getting a bag someone was in line for but chose not to get-I wonder if it will sell out or if there are more coming in to the stores???
  10. Chanel on 57th St. and I think BG has the Dark Brown Metallic. So pretty!
  11. I just got into metallic reissue (very recently!) and I love them all. I haven't seen the Dark Brown in real life. From all the pics, I would love to have the dark brown that was released in Canada. Anyone know if it's still around? Was it released in the size 225?