Dark Brown Metallic reissue

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  1. Do you have a picture of the bag you are referring to?

    I thought the Nordstrom catalog was showcasing the metallic brown, but now I'm not sure.
  2. omg, i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. They were available at Saks at the beginning of this week.
  4. Hi Mon,

    Borrowing this picture from another thread....don't remember which one. This is the Fall Act 1 lambskin dark brown I am talking about. I think it's the same one as the brown lambskin flap shown in your catalog page. Maybe it's just the way it was pictured on the catalog which made the brown look like metallic? (I've never heard of a metallic brown lambskin classic flap from fall....:confused1:) Actually, the Fall Act 1 lambskins all have a kind of "sheen".

    Wow....the metallic dark brown 2.55 reissue is so yummy!!!:drool: Looks like I need to make some calls again! :graucho:


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  5. Mon,

    The above 227 metallic reissue, is that what they are call Fall Act 2 Marron Fonce?
  6. Hi dialv,

    I'm not Mon, but I can help answer your question. Yes, that is Fall Act 2 Marron Fonce.

    Actually, "Marron Fonce" is Dark Brown in French.

    So, Marron Fonce = Dark Brown = "Bronze"

    I think the "bronze" word just pops out because this color is more of a bronze than a true dark brown. So everybody calls it "Bronze" even though the official color name is Dark Brown / Marron Fonce. Hope this helps!

  7. I love the bronze and the brown. Both great colors for fall. I think that metallic bronze is the prettiest of all the ones that have done so far.
  8. OMG! the 227 reissue is so droolworthy.
    is 227 the equivalent of classic jumbo?
  9. Thank you! My SA said she has my name on this bag but I am in Canada and we seem to get things a little later than the US. I can't wait for it to come in and I was getting confused about what color it was. I just got my Fall DS reissue and thought this was a must have too.
  10. Yeah, I don't know. Maybe a call to Nordstrom (for those interested) would clear it up. To me it looks metallic in the catalog picture...
  11. Hi do you know damianoto at which saks? do you have his contact no? TIA...
  12. Wow, really pretty colors.
  13. Hi do you guys see that metallic bronze the leather looks like peeling off on the left side???
  14. mon, you're always in the know! :yes:
  15. The new Dark Brown Metallic is alot more bronzy than the one released in Canada. The one that I have is a very Dark Chocolate Metallic Brown, almost looks black at night. It has the tarnished gold hardware instead. Does anyone know who ordered this in 225 or 226 size? Thanks!