Dark Brown Metallic reissue

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  1. Looks like it, it looks hot!! :love:
  2. is this the color also referred to as bronze?
  3. Looking hot!
  4. That is gorgeous!!!!!!:heart:H
  5. Very pretty! My mom would love this! (she loves brown bags!)
  6. yeah. bronzey! looks like the baby cabas.. stunning!!!
  7. Very nice.....very different too from the metallic marron fonce(that wasn't available in the USA) from last season. That one was also considered dark brown. This one looks more bronze, and the other one is more a dark burgundy. :shrugs:
  8. I saw this bag IRL and it's not really dark brown as the color code says, it's more of a bronze color, really pretty
  9. The seller mentioned that this is sold out. But according to a couple of SAs this has not arrived yet and is part of Act 2 ?:confused1:
  10. can't wait to see it IRL!!
  11. Gorgeous!
  12. Gorgeous color! :tup:
  13. This seller always get stuff before everyone else, hmmmmm
  14. Damian from Saks at Bala Cynwyd sent me pictures of this bag, they have it in their store. I'll post the pic, let me find it.