Dark Brown Metallic Reissue...

  1. Does anybody know who ordered the Dark Brown Metallic Reissue? I have talked to both Vegas Chanel Boutiques and Chicago, NM and Nordstroms. Chanel at the Bellagio called Chanel and did a search and still couldn't come up with anything.... It's listed in their books, but noone ordered it? I did get to see a Purple 227 and a Dark Silver 224, yummy!
  2. Try Bloomies or Saks
  3. I bet the metallic brown is nice. I have no clue who ordered it though.
  4. i'd like to know, too. i loved the swatch in this color. so far looks like bg, nm, nordie and Saks did not order it.
  5. Based on Chanelspell's post (from another thread) below, she describes the brown as "the 4 bottom swatches are definitely non metallics". I think she's right and the dark brown is going to be the same crackled shiny leather that the dark red will be available in.

  6. i am picking mine up tomorrow, will post pics. It is definitely metallic though
  7. Can't wait to see yours, pls do post pics soon when u rec'd her:drool::drool:
  8. Where did you find it? Tia!
  9. Yay, I can't wait to see your pics of this bag. This color has really got me intrigued.
  10. i
    Oh that great - love to see your pics!
  11. pure_honey, will you post the info on the Yxxxx code please too?
    I'd like to see if it matches the red's Y04844 in that case it should be of the same leather texture and probably same G/W.
    the leather -as that of the red -does look like it has a metallic sheen but not completely metallic as the purple/navy etc. I hope it makes sense cause I haven't got any info so far on the bottom line swatches!TIA!:smile:
  12. That brown is looking kind of bronzey which I like! Can't wait to see pics!
  13. Oooh yes please post pics once you get it *pure_honey:yes:
  14. i got her! she is soooo beautiful and definitely metallic.
    However i wont be able to take pictures until later on tonight when i get home but i will definitely post pics by later on tonight!

    ldldb i got this beauty from Chanel boutique in my city in Canada i think my SA said there was one left but i'm not sure Good luck !
  15. Oooh I can't wait to see picts, congratulations and I'm green with envy that you got to pick yours up already.