Dark Brown Marcia in My CART!!!!!!!!!

  1. I grabbed this bag and stuck it in my cart @ Neiman Marcus:tup:
    $1155.00 let me know if you want it and I will remove it and give it to you!
  2. excuse my ignorance.. but can u post a picture of this bag? :shame::flowers:
  3. Here it is...

  4. OMG i want to just in that picture!! Jimmy choo boutique..ahhh!!:drool:

    Thanks for posting the picture Samantha!! :flowers:
  5. Samantha --Your bag is gorgeous!!!!! :drool::drool::drool:
  6. Joydaly, I think the brown Marcia is really pretty too, but I did not end up buying it. The picture is from my SA when I was contemplating which bag to buy. Love it though.
  7. That's the bag I just ordered and it's so pretty IRL.
  8. congrats!!!