Dark brown Coffer still available?

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  1. Hi, I read that some of you got the dark brown Miu Miu coffer on sale from Net A Porter. I was wondering if that color is still available online elsewhere or at any dept stores? I tried on I think the noce color at Saks (is it different than the camello color shown on their website??) but I prefer the darker brown color. TIA!
  2. I was at the NM Atlanta yesterday and they had a Coffer that they were calling "chestnut". It was not quite a dark chocolate brown but more of a medium brown - very pretty. I am thinking of getting it. And then they also had one that they called "prune". Without much light, the prune one looked like a chocolate brown but with the lighting, you could see tones of purple too it. The SA said that these are the new pre-fall/ fall colors for the coffer. HTH!!
  3. The color that I saw on Saturday is darker than the one shown on NP (in link). The brown is in between this and a chocolate. I am not sure of the name of the color of the one on NP but it is pretty too.
  4. culgal: check out this thread. This is the color of the coffer that I saw.

    [​IMG] Got my first Miumiu bag....

    It is a very pretty brown!!
  5. Thanks, that's a very pretty color! I will have to make a trip today to NM to take a look...

  6. Did you get a chance to check it out? Did you find one that you liked?
  7. I didn't get a chance to stop by NM yet but I do see the leather one that they must have just put on NM.com that they are calling Noce. I know that's not the Noce that I tried on at Saks! This one on NM.com looks really nice, like the dark chocolate brown that I want. :confused1: In any case, I have decided to order the suede one...:graucho: I still want to see these different shades of brown in case I do find the perfect color...