Dark Brown Birkin 35cm

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  1. I need help, ladies. I have a friend with a real, practically unused 25cm Birkin in dark brown leather (silver ware) who is willing to sell it to me for $8750. Is this a good price to pay for it? It's authentic for sure but I don't know what the retail price is. Anyone who can help, please??
  2. Is it 35 or 25? If it's 35 I think it's pretty expensive, it depends where you are, but here in Europe a 35 costs around 5000 euro (about $6000) new at Hermès store, in the US it's a little more... Other Ladies here can be more precise about prices in different countries..Hope this helps:biggrin:
  3. 25 is a real small size. It is wayyyy too small IMO, unless u want to consider it as an evening bag.

    And 8700+ is a bit too much for a 25.
  4. Tammy, your thread title says 35cm and your post says 25cm... :huh:
  5. It's a 35cm. Sorry for the mistake
  6. In my opinion , way too expensive to pay. I would rather you try and purchase at Hermes. If you love the bag try and negotiate to a much lower, reasonable price.
  7. As someone who never be able to purchase a birkin direct from Hermes, I am left with: eBay, private boutiques/sales. I know the difference is price is significant, and by all means, if you are able to find a birkin thru Hermes, please do that. 8750 is quite steep for a 35 birkin. I guess, the price if buying direct from Hermes (after tax) is around 7000-ish?

    In my city (Jakarta, Indonesia), there are a few private boutiques that have birkins ready to buy, but prices for a brand new one started at 8900 up. Plus, Hermes here have a ridicolous rule, that is, one needs to buy a certain amount of goods first before one can put her name on the birkin waitlist! And, there is only 1 Hermes here. I am real jealous with you guys that live in the US, there are plenty of Hermes there, and you can shop around from state to state trying to find a birkin..

    Try to bargain down a bit with the seller. Perhaps tell her that you know the retail price on these bags and her price is def too steep. If you can get it for let's say 7500, I think that's quite good, coz you dont have to wait a minute and can get the birkin just like that..

    Good luck..

  8. With tax, a birkin in regular leather can cost $8000+. What kind of leather is it?
    There can be a difference of a few hundred dollars depending on the leather. A chevre 35 is $7550 plus tax, an epsom 35 is $7150 plus tax (tax adds $500-600+ to the bill).
    YOur friend is probably marking it up around $750--Is it worth it to you to pay the $750 not to have to do the work of going into the store several times? Also, is it really authentic? The feeling of walking out of Hermes with a birkin in an orange bag is intoxicating! Are you sure you don't want to buy from the store?
  9. If you don't have the convenience of an Hermes boutique near you, then this would be a good way to buy (from a trusted friend). Although, I would tell her the most you are willing to pay. In my opinion, I would tell her between $7500 and $8000.
  10. Aaahh, tell me about it.. It doesnt have to be a birkin for me. When I bought my fuchsia kelly from Hermes London it felt SO GREAT! But then I got tired from walking around carrying the huge orange bag after a while.. :love: I cant even begin to imagine how it feels to know that you have a birkin inside the bag. Must feel like the luckiest girl in the world!

    One day, it's gonna be my turn buying a birkin from Hermes.. :amuse:

    Also, I read a lot on ppl getting their birkins from Hermes lately.. What's up with that? Is it getting easier to get one, or is it just pure luck?

  11. dear sarah cantik,

    regarding the post that u made earlier, i was just wondering whether if u would be able to let me know where is exactly the private boutique that were referring to. thank you.Looking forward to hear from you soon
  12. Sarah.......In my humble opinion, uless you can get on the list for a SO somewhere, it's all the luck of the draw. Honestly....developing relationships is absolutely essential in the quest for a Birkin. And then patience........:flowers:
  13. Regular leather birkins are much easier to find them than exotic ones. There are people who bought a Birkin for the first time visiting Hermes!

    As I think about it, I scored a Birkin when I visited Hermes for the first time in my life as well!!!!!!!

    If it's retail price and brand new (or like new such as using once or twice...NOT more than that using it for a couple of times), then it is a GOOD deal...Otherwise, especially the price you told us is WAY too much!

    But if that Birkin is in Vach liagee leather, then your friend's price is very fair. But for other leather like togo, clemance, epsom, box...etc, that price is high. If I were you, I would NOT buy it if it is like a togo leather with that price.
  14. Oh, I forgot to mention...Birkin togo 35cm with tax should be little over $8000. So, if your friend can give you a discount for about ~$500-$600 from her price, and condition is brand new or new like (using it 1~2 times only) then, IF you REALLY want it, it's not bad at all to buy it IMO...
  15. A 35cm togo in the US is about $7400 before taxes. That comes to slightly over $8K in NYC. Not so bad if you can get a practically unused one for $8750 - you don't have to wait and you don't have to check with the store often.

    Of course, the most important thing is that it is authentic. That's why some people are willing to pay more for a birkin on eBay esp if it is from a trusted seller.

    I'm sure all, if not most of us know someone personally who was "scammed" on eBay - either fake bags or bags that were never sent after remittance have been sent. :cursing:

    I personally would be willing to pay a little premium for that guarantee if I absolutely have to get my greedy little hands on a specific birkin! :graucho: