Dark Bronze pny bag...

  1. 2 or 3 weeks ago I showed you all my dk white expandable flap pny bag for opinions. I'm considering the gold color instead. What do you ladies think of the Paris New York expandable zip bag in dk bronze? Has anyone seen this color in real life, if so what did you think? Any advice would be great...
  2. I LOVE this one, the color is wonderful!
  3. I love the PNY flap bag in both of those colors. I have seen both colors in real life and for this bag I prefer the darkwhite. The dark gold (bronze) is gorgeous but in smaller dosses.:yes:
  4. Hmmm... That is my only concern, that it will seem too trendy in bronze due to the size and such... :s
  5. love the bronze..i dont think the color is seasonal..
  6. Thanks to everyone for opinions. I guess tomorrow I will check to see if I can even find one in this color.
  7. I have the white and love it. I decided to get the bowler in bronze.
  8. Weren't you the one that really wanted the burgundy? That is the color that I really want, even my husband loves that one! I tried to find it, no luck... I guess you couldn't find it either huh?:shrugs: