Dark Bordeaux Luxury Flap

  1. CHANEL at Nordstrom Mall of America has one Luxury flap available in Dark Bordeaux deer skin for $2225.
    Luxury Flap.JPG
  2. whoa, that is TDF.:drool:
  3. omg! chanelboy, how does the dark bordeaux look like? would it be similar to the red of the reissue? i've been dying to get a luxe flap. :drool:
  4. Gorgeous & TDF:drool:
  5. that looks black -- is it the reissue colour?
  6. Lucas-
    Is the leather for this textured or smooth? It looks like smooth calfskin in the pic you posted. Also, does this mean there will be a dark bordeaux deerskin bowler coming soon? Please tell me yes! Thank you!
  7. wow, is this a new color for fall? I want a deer skin lux flap so bad!
  8. Pretty! That looks black to me also.
  9. i can see a hint of red. Are they coming out with deerskin again?!
  10. That looks like the fall deerskin Luxe flap. Far as I know, Chanel is not redoing the Luxe line in deerskin.
  11. roey, are you confirming that is deerskin???:graucho:
  12. i didn't know they made deerskin in this color though, I only know they had deerskin in bronze.
  13. There was a bordeaux deerskin in the Luxury collection last fall. Nordstrom ordered it in all three styles (flap, bowler, tote).
  14. :yahoo:
  15. Are you going to buy it?!