Dark Bordeaux GST

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America currently has one Dark Bordeaux Grand Shopping Tote in stock. It retails for $1895 and has silver hardware.
  2. Here is a photo. Such a beautiful color!
    GST Dark Bordeaux.JPG
  3. Holy cow, that's beautiful!
  4. lucas, i sent you an email about the 2 bags at the background that looks yellow and blue are they chanels?
    they look beautiful to me . . . from afar. Can you tell me more about them?
  5. Purty!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love it!!But I highly doubt we'll be getting any in Aus....:crybaby:
  6. hey yea lol!! they look like bright little lux ligne bags, baby ones :yes:
  7. Very nice indeed...but I think I have enough of the GSTs. I do love them- so much !!!:p
  8. I see leopard skin over to the left...
  9. chanelboy that color is sooo pretty :love:
  10. LOL!
  11. Chanel boy... or anyone...

    Does anyone know how this color compares to the Brown GST that will be coming out! I know I want one or the other...
    The bordeaux looks very brown. WOULD it work with browns.. or are my eyes playing tricks... (it IS late afterall!:p)
  12. The dark bordeaux is very brown, with a reddish tint. It would look beautiful with browns for sure.

    PS: The yellow and blue bags are by Michael Kors and will be on sale for $397.90 during Nordstrom's Anniversary sale.
  13. Is it lambskin or caviar? Looks like lambskin from the pic...
  14. It is caviar actually.
  15. woo, that's such a yummy color!