Dark Blue or Chocolate handbag with black?

  1. I wear mainly black outfits for work. I'm really loving a couple of Francesco Biasia handbags (Sweet Soul and Wanted Woman) but they only come in a dark blue or chocolate brown.

    Would these bag colors be ok with a largely black wardrobe? :confused1: Up until now I've stuck to the black with black rule....

    Thanks all.
  2. Lots of handbags come in chocolate w/black accents-or vice-versa. Don't see why you couldn't use the brown. Not sure that I'd go with the navy though. Why not go for color with black? There are some great spring/summer shades out there with reds etc.:smile:
  3. I think that they would look Ok, but there are so many great bright accessories out there, so why not try them? :smile:
  4. I think a chocolate bag worn with a black or grey ensemble is a very chic look.
  5. I agree! :yes:
  6. I would vote for Dark blue.
  7. black is neutral, so it can go with almost any colors. I do brown with black all the time. Navy blue would also work. You can also add bright color bag and accessories for spring and summer.
  8. I don't do dark brown with black. But I do wear navy with black.In my mind it's a very Parisian look. So I vote for navy.:yes:
  9. Both brown with black and navy with black are chic, European combos. :yes:

    So, whichever you prefer! :biggrin:
  10. Interesting thread. I'm facing the same problem, myself. While I wear mostly black, I like to have my accents in different colors, but usually not navy or dark brown, although I love both of those colors. There were 2 Balanciaga bags in truffle at the store yesterday (it's a very dark brown) and 1 in ink, and I wasn't the only one pondering this dilemma. There were two or three shoppers in all black coveting those truffle bags, but in the same dilemma.

    I'd like to think that with the right bag, you could choose either color - but I find the Parisian-navy link to be the most interesting statement of why one would choose navy over dark brown. I agree that dark brown and black is done all the time, but why not navy?

    BTW, I just bought two Biasia bags, a tote and a handbag, both in black - they are so wonderful, pure in design and the leather is lovely. I really like his bags.
  11. i usually goes for browns than blues... i just love warmer colours on bags :p
  12. Oh dear, I am pathetic in revealing that my mother (glamorous model in the 60s and 70s) taught me very little except . . . .'never mix black and navy' and . . . .'black and brown are an imaginative combination' . . . .As a result,and despite rejecting much of her advice, I have never and probably won't ever, mix dark blue, black and brown . . .. BUT I do realise this is a pathetic 'rule' and reflects more about me and my relationship with my super-glam mother than any fashion advice!
  13. hmm this is very funny to be asked i ask the same thing all the time!!!
    I wear black all the time i dunno why but i just do :smile: and i love to wear colored bags like red, or printed like burberry or black

    but then ive run into brown and blue bags i like and ive decided brown looks better with black then blue
    ive been told black and blue togetehr sometimes can look like a bruise and that i dont want to look like haha! :smile: and i think that a navy and black are too similar but just a little too different to work tgether but brown is a very different color and i think DARK browns esp. give a nice contrast!
  14. Sorry. I think a brown or a navy bag looks terrible with black. You'll never convince me otherwise - no matter what they say is in nowadays.
  15. haha well thanks jadejett for telling all of us who wear brown or bblue handbags with our black clothes that we look terrible in your eyes
    but i guess you just havent seen anyone who knows what kinds of brrowns to wear with black cause i for one KNOW i dont look terrible with my brown bags and my black clothes

    and it has nothing to do with what is "in" now a days it has to do with knowing how to put together an outfit and still being able to carry whatever color bag you like with whatever color clothes you wear! :smile: