Dark Blue Cotton Club, going back pics....

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  1. I am sending this bag back. It looks exactly like a cambon bowler to me, which I owned about 2 years ago. I can't justify spending $1750 on it when it feels like I've already owned it before. So anyway, here are pics for reference for anyone who needs to see the color and such. The straps are a little longer than the cambon bowler though. It has a beautful leather and might look great in black or white. :sad: :confused1:
    cottonclub.jpg cottonclub2.jpg cottonclub3.jpg
  2. Cute color..I dont like that shape much either though.I prefer the tote myself
  3. i really love it, it does look alot like a bowler but i loveeeeeee the chain on it, i would buy it but i have to get my ewest flap first. if i already had a bowler no way its way too similar.
  4. Me too, your tote is beautiful.
  5. Hey Kittenslingerie! Thanks for sharing the pics. Sorry this bag didn't work out for you... I'm sure there will be another bag that you will just LOVE! Are you eyeing any?
  6. I like the expandable tote bag so much, beautiful. I may get it, unsure. I also have been yearning for a medium lux ligne bowler in metallic black or even red.
  7. OMG, that color is TDF. I think you'll like it better in the tote. Thanks for posting.
  8. The color looks teal on my monitor. I agree it is to similar to the cambon. I do like the chain handle though.
  9. Hi kittenslingerie: Thanks for posting the pics. Sorry the bag didn't work out for you. I've been looking for a small/medium casual blue bag to wear on the weekends, so this might work for me. Is the blue more of a navy? It looks like a medium blue in this other pic posted by wintotty... Which one represents the color more accurately?


    Chanel blue Cotton Club from kittenslingerie.jpg Chanel blue Cotton Club from wintotty.jpg
  10. My opinion is the first one in my thread which is attached below represents the color best..