Dark Beige/Khaki Bubble Quilt Flap at Tyson's Corner

  1. Call Indra at 1-703-847-0555 if you're interested. Tell her Tammy referred you.
  2. Could you tell me the price of the bag? And which style flap is it? thanks!
  3. I'm not sure. Indra called me tonight about another bag, and I asked if she had any of the dark beige flaps and she said yes. The small one, I think, is $1,795 and the large one is more than the bowler (I think), which is $2,575(?). We're on the east coast, so they're closed by now. You can try her in the morning.
  4. the dark beige was available at the Saks at NY too if you are interested. the medium bubble quilt flap is $2695 and the large is 3150 i believe! i usually work with Susan. HTH!