"Darinchic's" LV Collection

  1. Hey guys!

    I am new here, and this is ma first thread!:rolleyes:

    Check ma LV Collection ;)

    2 lv.JPG
  2. luv it:heart: great collection:p
  3. Very, very nice indeed:yes: Welcome to the forum:flowers:
  4. Great collection.
  5. Gorgeous collection! LoVe them all! Hey and what is up with the red dustbag? Did that come with the cherry bag? I have never seen that before.
  6. lovely collection and welcome.
  7. Welcome!!! Very Nice!!! Linda is the best one!!!
  8. GREAT COLLECTION! ALL YOUR items looks so new!!!
  9. Very nice collection!
  10. Lovely collection :love: and welcome!:welcome:
  11. Welcome! Lovely pochettes!!!! :biggrin: Great collection. :yes:
  12. Very, very nice! Welcome!
  13. Thanx all :cutesy:

    To DesigningStyle: The red dustbag came with cherry pochette.
  14. great colllection! WHAT inspired you to get the green and red chainnes bag?
    most people dont like it, but in that pic, it looks great?
    why not brown?
  15. Great collection, your charms pieces are so lovely :love: