Darinchic's "ALL" Collections

  1. Hi again :p

    Am gonna post all ma bags collections here..

    Tc all
    1 gucci.JPG 2 lv.JPG 3 chanel.JPG 4 fendi.JPG 6 moschiono.JPG
  2. Very beautiful and diverse collection!
    I love your Chanel pieces!
  3. Gorgeous collection! Your Chanel pieces are TDF!
  4. Great collection, love the variety! You should try to watermark your photos though!
  5. Great collection! I loooove your Chanel Eiffel Tower purse :smile:
  6. wow~ beautiful collection~ does all moschino watches come with the little paper clock? it's cute~
  7. Wow, quite the impressive collection. My personal favourite is the Vuittons of course ! :graucho:
  8. Your Moschino's are exquisite!
  9. Very Beautiful collection! Love the Chanel.
  10. Thanx guys! :cutesy:

    To BeckyL: I really wanna do that! .. Can you help me plz:shame: ?

    To sleepykitten: They all did when i bought them Lol! Isn't cute..
  11. very nice collection... i love your moschino's and fendi eagle scout bag..... :p
  12. Those Chanels are so pretty! I love the variety. :smile:
  13. wow, great stuff! The colorful Chanel is pretty interesting!
  14. Here's ma Babyphat and Guess collections too :cool:
    8 babyphat.jpg 9 guess.jpg
  15. Gorgeous collection, love your Fendi & Chanel.