Daria satchels- advice please

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  1. Hi all

    I'm still looking for the elusive Daria that compliments me and is my day to day bag. Although I love oak on other people I find it doesn't really go with my things or maybe I just don't like it on me!!. The ones at outlets are not really me colour wise and I don't think I will be able to get one from current stock as too pricy. I like either bright or unusual colours but she does have to be a bit of a workhorse ...so 2 questions:

    1. What does anyone recommend as a good colour to look out for
    2. Does anyone know what colours are likely to be making their way to outlets over next couple months?

    Thank you
  2. The mouse grey one is currently in the outlets. I've got the hobo & clutch version but they also have the satchel. The leather is sumptuous & squishy. Plus it's a dark bold solid grey & will go with every outfit.
  3. Hiya

    I've seen/tried on the mouse grey and was soooo close to buying it but it's not a colour I LOVE so don't want to get it... Its on the back up list though!
  4. They have had pheasant green in the outlets aswell recently. Not sure if there's any left. Are we talking just outlet buying? Or eBay? I have the oxblood satchel & the colour is tdf. If you can stalk eBay & get one I highly recommend this gorgeous colour. Failing that I would love a cerise one. That colour is lush.
  5. I don't mind eBay as I can authenticate it here and have some peace of mind... Only outlets I'm afraid! I have only seen oxblood in pics not IRL and I'm not sure about it- I prefer reddy tones over purple tones and it looks to me to err on the side of purpleness!!

    I do like the pheasant green but I'd say it's on par with mouse grey
  6. What about ink? I'm not sure if you can get it in the outlets now but you probably can on Ebay if you keep a look out and the colour is gorgeous imo. I don't normally like blue bags but it is such a rich, deep and dark blue and would look great with denim.. I would love one but already have an oak satchel and drizzle drawstring tote so don't know if I can justify adding a third to my little family!
  7. I've only seen an Alexa in ink- is it the same on Daria?? I do Like the colour/ very versatile and pretty!

    Thanks- ill keep thinking hmmmm
  8. There is a Daria hobo on Naughtipidginsnest in ink I think at the moment for colour comparison
  9. Shame you don't like oxblood. The colour is just stunning. Burnt orange was amazing too!

    Ink is lovely and classy. Hope you find your colour!

    Like you, oak doesn't seem to suit me although I will never part with Oak bays ;)
  10. Hiya

    I'll take another look at the colour in oxblood but just not sure.... I absolutely LOVE burnt orange- that's the colour I would've gone for if I could pick any.

    Any other suggestions much appreciated! And if anyone knows what's coming soon to outlets pls let me know! X
  11. Yes, exactly the same :smile: It would match with most things and I have seen some come up on Ebay now and again so you could always buy one off there after getting it authenticated on here. The Naughtipidgin website does have a large ink Daria hobo so you could have a look at that to see what the colour is like?
  12. Ok I'll have another look at lovely NP- problem is, every time I go on there for a specific reason I always end up lusting after another bag!!!
  13. That is always the big danger of visiting her webshop! :smile:
  14. Hi I just bought my first Daria. Very exciting, only problem I didn't get the right care card. She is a sparkle tweed, so I was just wondering if someone has that care card and wouldn't mind sharing the information with me?
  15. You can find care info on the website for all mulberry leathers under customer services if that helps?