Daria satchel

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  1. Do you like it? Is is roomy?

    Do you think the strap will be digging in?
  2. I love my daria satchel. I can fit lots in it. I always double the strap though as I don't do cross body :smile:
    Would highly recommend it.
    I find it comfy to wear and it is much lighter than Bays.
  3. I've got two daria satchels and love them. I love how it can be worn as both a satchel and shoulder bag which changes it from casual to smart. It's absoloutely fine in the rain, I haven't had any colour transfer on any of mine (and I wore my tofee with dark jeans loads of times!) and it looks as good as new. The plaque isn't to everyone's taste but I love mine and would recommend it.
  4. Totally agree with CP ^ the satchel is fab, its surprisingly roomy and is super comfy to wear/carry.
  5. I have a cosmic blue Daria in my basket and cannot decide if I want her or not! Oh decisions decisions...
  6. Oooh get her!!!
    If I didn't have petrol I would have got that. Plus I want to see a reveal!
  7. Love the colour choice!
  8. I had the Daria in ivory, it was my first Mulberry and I didn't baby it at all. I wore it everyday and didn't get a single patch of colour transfer despite the creamy white leather. However, the plaque did get scratched. It was barely noticeable though whilst wearing. I sold mine to make room for other purchases otherwise I would have definitely kept it. I always wore the it with the long strap over my shoulder and it was perfect during the summer months. The leather stayed lovely and soft. Definitely recommend the Daria satchel :smile:
  9. I love my Daria satchel. Use it every day for work. I can fit loads in. I much prefer it to my o/s alexa.
    My plaque has some minor scratches but nothing noticable which is amazing since its ny most used Mulberry and I don't baby my bags.
    I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one.
  10. I have the Daria satchel in pheasant green, she's one of my most used bags. Love her, so practical!
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    I did it! I ordered it!

    Hopefully, it will be in good condition, because frankly, I am getting a little concerned...
  12. Well done. Can't wait to see the reveal pics.
  13. WOW looking forward to seeing the reveal of this one :smile: