Daria satchel owners - pros and cons please

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  1. I'm about to buy my spring/summer bag and have decided on the colour - ink blue. Now I just have to decide the style - either the Daria hobo, tote or satchel or an Alexa. Alexa is a rank outsider but I thought I'd throw it into the mix to spice things up.
    I'm leaning towards the satchel as I think it will be more casual for summer than the tote or hobo and I can get away with a smaller bag in the warmer months.
    Some pros and cons from satchel owners would be much appreciated. What do you like or dislike about your Daria satchel?
  2. I sent the Burnt Orange one back reluctantly as I couldn't keep both it and Blueberry Bays. I think it has everything. Lovely adjustable strap, suede on the flap but not inside so weight is kept down and more structure than the hobo.
    Ratrat's daughter's Black one is fantastic. If I can resist the gorgeous tote I think I'll go for Ink Blue satchel. Great with jeans too but smart enough to be formal.

    Another bout of self enabling I'm afraid!:graucho:
  3. I also put pics of it on the Dazzling Daria thread.
  4. ^^Feeling enabled!

    I do like long strap bags in the summer. The satchel is definitely the front runner at the moment.
    I'll check out your pics.
  5. When I recover financially from Alexa, Ink Blue Daria satchel is also on my radar :biggrin:
    Off to take a look at the other thread.....
  6. I recently got the cerise satchel. Ok here goes with pros & cons...

    - Multi functional due to adjustable strap - hobo and messenger options
    - Lovely spongy leather which feels great to the touch and really soft & squishy
    - Lightweight but roomy enough to fit a business VIP liner, plus it has zipped pocket at the back and mobile phone slip pocket at the front
    - Magnetic stud closure to main compartment and flap over to keep it secure

    - Worn messenger style, it sits high up on the waist rather than at the hip

    So all in all, the good outweighs the bad! :biggrin:
  7. fuzzy has really listed the pros for this bag! I have the daria hobo and satchel. The hobo is a great shoulder bag, it isn't too heavy and sits nicely against the body. Only downside would be that it's hard to get things in and out of the bag without taking it off your shoulder. Things can also get a bit lost in the bag, if you don't have a bag organiser. Whereas the satchel is a great hands free bag to wear across the body or on the shoulder and there's easy access and everything stays in place! Both are great bags! I couldn't decide and ended up with both! :smile:
  8. does anyone know where i can get a daria satchel in burnt orange?
  9. Dont balme you corries- that BB bays is so beautiful- with all the alexa hype it anf the mushroom seem to be overlooked but in my opinion are the best 2 bags available this season would love to pick up one or both of them along the line
  10. fuzzy listed all the pros i have to say i love this bag and would buy again it is very comfortable to wear, i love the ink,
    dont really think there is any cons, but time will tell
  11. I had walked past the Daria satchel many times as I thought that the gold looked a bit too goldy, and also I had heard that the strap was quite short to wear cross body, and I'm tall and like my bags to sit low on my hip. When I eventually tried it on, I was totally blown away. The leather is TDF, the gold coaster sets off the plain-ish shape perfectly, the suede on the inside of the flap feels heavenly when you rummage around inside, the plaited strap is fab, the bag kind of moulds to your body, and it's just a matter of getting used to it sitting a bit higher up... in a way it's a more useful height cos it means you can reach stuff easily without having to take the bag off or sit it on something IYKWIM. And then it can be a shoulder bag or hand bag as well... need I go on?? It's my perfect bag.
  12. I just *had* to come in here today, didn't I? The fact that it's a tad short worn messenger style is perfect for me. Wish the Ink was darker though.
  13. I love mine! It sits at a perfect height for me and can be worn so many different ways. The gold badge is blingy, but I like it. The leather is lush, light and is a gorgeous pink (mine's cerise)!

    I have only worn mine a few times though because I am not keen to wear it in the rain, though I know it would be fine.
  14. For me the Daria is just fabulous. I love the fact that it can be worn as a shoulder bag or cross body. The disc on the flap just gives it alot of panache. I love the hand braided strap. The burnt orange color I own is exceptional, she goes with so many things. Need I say more.:yahoo:
  15. How long is the strap in cm's when worn messenger ?

    Seems a lovely bag and I am looking more and more in her direction.