Daria satchel in oxblood

  1. Just ordered the above - totally in love with the oxblood color. However, it does have a very pale lining which I am a bit worried about. Does anybody have any ideas on how I can keep this clean? Any good bag liner that fit? Many thanks.
  2. Can anybody help with this please?
  3. you can order a VIP bag liner or just go on ebay or Amazon and order a handbag liner which will be much cheaper than the VIP one.
  4. I received mine yesterday, she is divine, isn't she?
    I have "natural style" plain linen pouch which I use for all my bags, costs peanuts, helps a lot, fits even more, weighs nothing.
  5. Here are pix for reference
    IMG_20160619_210445.jpg IMG_20160619_210555.jpg
  6. Your bag in oxblood is gorgeous. I have the original oxblood daria medium hobo from pre 2011 which is a different colour to new oxblood but also stunning. I ordered the oxblood daria French purse and I love it! Packed away until Dec for Christmas/bday.
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  7. how different is yours from 2011? paler? darker? or just different shade???
    I was craving for a medium lily in oxblood, but alas, it didn't go on sale... so I ordered a Daria :smile:
    I am positively impressed with the speed of online Mulberry order processing, considering where it had to be shipped...
  8. It is a different shade and I would say a richer colour. My daria also has a sheen on it. New oxblood is flatter and duller in comparison. But still pretty too which is why I got it.
  9. I see... well, I don't have old version, but I am totally in love with a new one :smile:
    so happy I got it in soft leather, I have Effie in navy ... amazingly soft leather and colour suits the texture!