Daria owners: How is the plaque holding up?

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  1. I've been looking at the Darias lately, but one thing concerns me: marking on the plaque.

    Logically my questions are:
    Does the plaque scratch/mark easily?
    Does it show easily?
    Does it bother you? etc

    Please, if you could share your thoughts and experiences =)
  2. I have had my black Daria Satchel for almost a year now and used it daily until I bought my Alexa. It does have a few scratch marks on the plate but nothing too noticeable.
    I know that some members on here have had some problems with scratching. I really love my Daria. It has softened with use and is absolutely gorgeous.
  3. Mine is just fine .. on my ink Daria (my mouse grey was sent for repair for another reason & they sent me a new one which I haven't used yet).

    I can be quite naughty with my bags - ie stand at the open door on the drivers side of the car & throw my bag across the seats to the passenger side etc - & it is holding out fine.

    To be honest, as long as it didnt have a great big gouge out of it, it really wouldn't bother me. The bag is there to be used & I don't see the point in getting upset about a few little tiny marks. :smile:
  4. My Oxblood Satchel is currently with Mulberry after just one outing, for the problems I outlined in this thread, including unexplained scuffing to the plaque (photo in thread) - I had done nothing which could possibly cause that level of damage.
  5. I've had my mouse grey daria hobo since january and it still looks great - I did check the plaque the other day and noticed a few tiny scratches but nothing I would worry about. I do use and abuse my bags and feel my daria has held up very well, the leather is lovely despite getting drenched a few times and its just such a comfortable style to carry.
    Which one are you thinking about?
  6. I've had my satchel for a few months and have used it loads. The plaque has held up well and there's only minimal scratching around the bottom edge - not enough to see unless you really look at it. I don't baby my bags either so I was surprised that it hasn't scratched more as it was the main thing I was worried about when I got it.

    And I agree with LMM, unless it was a huge scratch it wouldn't really bother me.
  7. I agree that you might get the odd little scratch but it should not bother you. The leather on the Daria bags really is very robust, much more so than nvt. I have not scuffed or marked any of mine at all. They are pretty hardy bags I would say. I love Daria and reckon you should go for it! Xx
  8. My mouse grey daria tote has a big scuff all around one side/edge of the plaque, I don't know how it got there as I'm fairly careful with my bags, but it doesn't bother me really - bags are to be used in my opinion. My cerise daria satchel has very tiny hairline scratches from general use but you can't see them unless you look up close.

    I say go for it! :biggrin:
  9. Good to hear your Darias are holding up fine, very reassuring! Thanks so much =)

    I'm playing with the idea of getting the satchel, Anna. Going to LDN next month, and of course I have to be prepared :P Not nearly decided what I'll get in the end though!
  10. I've been through a few Daria bags and purses and overall the plaque holds up well. I got a very long superficial scratch on a wallet once within 24 hours of getting her. No idea how. And despite kicking about my bag for months it never got any more.
    Scratches are almost imperceptible and most importantly, unlike some other high end brands, it doesn't flake, tarnish or discolour.
  11. mine is fine too but my zip pull has funny spotted tarnishing and i've only used it a few times. I'm hoping it doesn't get any worse.
  12. No scratces on the plague on my cerise Daria. As the others have said too, some small scratches would not bother me too much I think. (As long as the scratches is not right in your face,iykwim)

    The satchel is such a gorgeous bag, Thea. Which colour are you after?
  13. Lillemy, I agree unnoticable stratches wouldn't bother me either =) Not a spesific colour yet, there are a few styles I like, so I'll decide when I'm there, I think!

    Thanks corries and rachiem, I must admit I thoguht the plaques would have been more exposed than this, good news =)
  14. ive had a few darias and they have always been fine.
  15. Hope you get what you want TB.

    I must admit one of the things that put me off the daria is my concern over the disc. It annoys me that my bays have scratches on the hardware.