Daria is back on m.con

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  1. I'm Confused, I thought the current style was discontinued?

    It looks the same apart from the new price, comes in black and taupe.
  2. I see what you mean about the price. And that's just the medium Daria, they haven't sold a full sized one in several years now. Also the spongy pebbled isn't normally as expensive a leather, I personally like it as it doesn't need as much babying. I wonder how much the Daria would be in Glossy Goat or Shrunken Calf?
  3. I really like the taupe colour I think it would work with lots of colours but I wouldn't pay that much!,
  4. What was the old price then???? ( I'm new to mulberry)
  5. Dread to think £???? I expect
  6. Just before the sale the black and oak were £695, the black didn't make it to the online sale, but the oak went down to £486.

    When I first had my eye on it a couple of years ago it was £595 or there abouts

    Strange they haveny (yet) put up the price of the satchel
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    I agree on both accounts! I can't believe they've done it. They clearly aren't paying any attention to what we say on here, their profits are down and by putting the prices up again they will drive more people away. A price increase of £100 isn't going to make much difference to their bottom line, but it will to some of us.

    I for one will not buy any full price mulberrys and at this rate of price increases, nothing in the sale or outlets at these prices either.

    A £695 bag and the zip fob was tainted after very light use of little under 6 months when I first spotted the issue, why would I now pay £795 for the same bag with the same components

    Good luck Bruno you've made a rod for your own back now.
  8. It makes a huge difference to me and that fact the customer service and quality control have slipped does not encourage me to dig deep and find that extra £! I buy mainly pre loved as you can pick up real bargains and from outlets if you wait a while they usually match sale price :smile: (waiting for cosmic blue Daria) none of the new styles really make me want to part with my money I think 2012 was such a great year design wise for M but now they're abit flat!
  9. I don't know how they can justify the increase. I have a problem with this bag anyway. Many teenagers around my local area have fake copies of this style so it puts me off buying one.So with such a price increase I don't think I would ever but one now.
  10. Exactly this is why I was so close to selling her recently. It's shocking as I've seen to fakes in my office in canary wharf recently.
  11. I agree, most of mine are outlets buys from a/w 2012 (I think) I've had a few bad experiences with preloved and ended up being SNAD cases in ebay.

    I would consider NPN and LMW though
  12. I couldn't cope with the Daria hardwear getting scratched. It doesn't bother my cousin with hers nor many others with theirs but I know myself so I avoid that style even though I love it 😕
    My quilted PML on my Lily doesn't show any scratches (not that she has many) as easily 💖
    But yes the price hikes are getting ridiculous, especially as you just cannot begin to compare M manufacturing practices/quality to Hermés, if anything M is getting worse. Some of the other tPF users problems with sale purchases are boggling 😱
  13. I saw the new daria in the edinburgh shop, Taupe is lovely, and it has silver hardware :tup:

    The leather on the black daria was horrible, really matte and quite cheap looking, the taupe was the same leather apparently but felt a million times nicer.
  14. My cousins Oak Daria is a really smooth spongy leather (I forget which one that is) But it's beautiful and I think that's what the Daria needs.
  15. I saw the taupe pouch yesterday and the leather was divine, but I would never pay that much for a pouch!!