Daria in Mouse Grey

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  1. Thanks for all your advice re replacing my stolen roxy. It is a really hard decision to know what to do but think I have decided to go with something new rather than replacing the roxy. I really love the daria hobo but would like mouse grey - just can't find them anywhere and I have a credit note with Mulberry so am restricted to buying direct from them.
    Think I am down to a choice of trying to source a mouse grey daria or go with the mitzy range. Blimey it's difficult isn't it?? Still haven't ruled out a burnt orange daria. Wish I could see them all at the same time! Such an expensive decision. My Roxy was bought for my 30th a few years ago so decision made easy for me!
  2. Have you tried contacting the customer services team to see if they can source one for you? There were loads of them in the outlets a short time ago, so maybe they will have some hiding in the warehouse!

    I hope you get one .. it's a gorgeous bag .. even if I may say so myself :P
  3. BTW - the Mitzy range is just as fab :graucho:
  4. I bought a mouse grey daria satchel in York outlet early part of august. Fingers crossed more might be around. The grey is a great colour, it is pretty dark, so no issue with colours transferring onto it or marks showing. I find it goes with everything, even black. I hope you manage to find a hobo soon xx
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    Hi i recently bought a Daria satchel in black from the York outlet , like you i liked the mouse grey . Unfortunatly when i rang all the outlets nobody had any left and i was told this colour was only made for the outlets and it would maybe January before they got anymore. I was lucky to get a black Daria as these are still available on the website but if i was you i would keep trying - one is bound to turn up:biggrin:
  6. last time i went to shepton mallet they had loads of mouse darias :smile:
  7. Has anyone seen a mouse grey Daria hobo in the outlets?
  8. The mouse grey and cerise colour darias were made for the a/w 2009 season. They sold really well and demand for them was high even after they sold out. So mulberry have continued making them for the outlets. Fingers crossed you will still be able to get one! Xx