Daria Hono

  1. Does anyone here has a Daria Hobo? I wonder where is it made in? I wanted my second mulberry to be "Made in England" as I already have one made in Turkey, and I am not happy with its quality.
  2. Sorry for the title, it should be "HOBO" instead of hono :p

    I have my Alexa made in Turkey and the quality of the hardware is really bad. The gold tone just get scratched and peeled off.

    Does anyone has the same problem?
  3. I think it's luck if the draw as the darias and other bags arnt made in one place.
  4. Hi there ive prev had the daria satchel and the med+ large daria hobo all made in Turkey. I personally have had no problems whatsoever. Ive sold them now though. I think it is the luck of the draw as bag*mad*bags states.
  5. Yes my Lily is made in Turkey and had no issues.
  6. I had this problem with the shiny gold hardware on my SBS and I know others have had a similar problem with their shiny hardware (Alexa's etc). I did have the lock replaced under warranty but it just happened again. The SA said its just how the shiny hardware wears...it makes me want to avoid the shiny hardware in future though :sad:
  7. I keep my film on the lock to protect it a bit more until it starts to peel off.
  8. My Daria hobo(s) are both made in Turkey.
    Infact quite a few of my Mulberry's are and I haven't had any issues with them.
  9. I've got a A/W11 Pheasant Green Daria medium hobo and it's made in Turkey. But I don't have any complaints about the quality. The leather is particularly gorgeous and totally holds its own against some of my more expensive bags (Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, Loewe). :smile: That said, if a bag not made in England is a deal-breaker for you, I don't think you should get it. Always go for your true heart's desire! :tup:
  10. Think it ultimately boils down to the actual craftsperson (!) who stitches it - meaning that whether it's made in Turkey, China etc. is only a guide - one of my older Roxy's is beautifully stitched and finished (Turkey), and my new NVT Choc (Turkey) really isn't up to the same overall standard!.....
  11. Yes didnt think of that very good point. :smile:
  12. Hello

    I am about to embark on my first purchase.....I have decided that the Daria hobo in medium suits my needs....

    I am trying to decide between last years Daria Hobo medium Midnight Suede croc in the sale....

    or the new A/W 2012 Daria hobo medium in petrol blue!!! How does the coloured leather wear - will it be better wearing then the suede...? does anyone have a suede Daria that hasn't worn well...? Thought the suede was quite unusual but then love the colour of the petrol but then suppose the petrol colour is seasonal and will be out next year...?

    Oooooh decisions....:biggrin:

    Any thoughts on the 2 would be great.... xx
  13. Both are lovely. I don't have any experience of either. But my instincts tell me the suede wouldn't wear so well, but it would depend how you were going to use it. Is it an everyday bag? Then I would go with the leather. The petrol colour looks quite nice and different coloured hardware on it too.

    Please show reveal pics of your new purchase, we would love to see what you decide :smile:
  14. Yes would love to get as much wear out of it as possible - so it would be an every day bag and will be getting a purse to match if i go for the new petrol version. :smile:

    my friend has the black leather version so didn't want to go for the same colour and the petrol seems quite unusual with the different colour metal like you say...so excited i couldn't sleep last night and then noticed today that the Daria hobo petrol is now on the site to purchase rather then in the coming soon section... :woohoo::woohoo:
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    Hi. I have the large Daria Hobo in Oak and it's a great bag. It is roomy and eye catching and I love it and definitely recommend it and it's made in Turkey but no problems with the quality so far? Are all DH made in Turkey? If not them maybe you need to go into the large stores and check them out before you buy?