Daria Hobo

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that the Daria hobo in Mouse Grey is £650 on the Mulberry website, but on netaporter it's £595? From what I can see it's exactly the same bag (the dimensions are slightly different, but I guess that's down to the squishiness of the leather when NAP measured it) so I can't understand why there's £55 difference. Very strange. Just thought I'd mention it in case anyone's interested in buying one and they haven't spotted this!
  2. I noticed that and was going to order from Net-a-porter but I have to see the colour IRL as it looks much darker on the Nap site than on Mulberry. I'm hoping it's a mid grey rather than a really dark grey.
  3. I saw the Daria satchel in mouse grey IRL today, and it was more of a charcoal colour. Really nice, but I was surprised as it was bigger than I expected. The hobos are huge - similar in size to the Mitzy hobos, and I know you like those so I say go for it and place the order. If you don't like the colour then it's easy to return!
  4. Oh, don't tempt me! I'm trying to hold out until at least September.
    I do love my Mitzy hobos so I don't think the size will be an issue. I've already decided my winter wardrobe is going to have a lot of grey in it and I really like the look of the Daria. I may have to take the plunge!
  5. I saw it today in grey, the colour is REALLY dark, I agree charcoal is a better description and personally I feel the price is a bit steep for what it is

    But its a great 'sling it on and go' bag :nuts:
  6. ^^I'm not doing that type of bag any more......

    At that price, there'd definitely not be any slinging of any kind!
  7. So you're not slinging it on and going?:faint: What are you doing now then?

    The net a porter pic is EXACTLY what the bag looks like IRL if that helps you decide!
  8. Hehe oops sorry! :graucho:
  9. the great thing about the daria is u can make it into a shoulder bag as well as wear it messenger style..the burnt orange colour is so nice..but really not into the gold hardwear..i wish the disc was in silver...xx
  10. i notice NAP had it cheaper too. also why is the price of the new small hobo 495, when the messenger mitzy is £350 and they r both same size?..
  11. Mulberry kept their prices lower (which reflects the low price on net-a-porter) but they recevied great feedback and responses that they upped their prices at the last minute - greedy I think!! They have told all wholesalers to do the same now, so if you bought a new AW bag at a lower price, lucky you
  12. I love the Daria Hobo, I think it is fantastic that they put a zipper in it!
  13. That is really, really cheeky! Mind you, I suppose its just the same as all these designers still increasing their prices in this economic climate!
  14. I don't understand why they are increasing prices. Thats what put me off LV. I had been saving for a mini lin speedy and at the last minute they upped the price by around £60. I refused to buy one after that.

    I am glad I found Mulberry. At least the bags are leather :biggrin:
  15. Is the NAP Daria described as Anthracite the same one as the Mouse Grey on the website? I like the Mulberry shade and thought the hardware was silver !!