Daria Hobo Danaged 00 Stamp Price Question


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Jun 13, 2007
After some advise. I brought a Daria from Shepton Mallet a few years ago (maybe 4??) can't really remember! Mulberry had a problem with this bag and the finish, the protective coating started to peel. Anyway the sold off all there stock as damaged and I brought one (knowing all about the damage) although its not noticeable! Anyway I'd now like to sell it if its worth anything as I have a baby on the way and lots to buy! It has been lightly used. Thinking if putting it on gumtree can anyone advise a price?? Thanks for your help

Wanted to attached pics but not sure how??


Feb 3, 2013
I'm always surprised at the varying prices that Daria's achieve on ebay when not a sub.

Never had any dealings with gum tree, personally I don't trust it for purchases. I would have thought you would achieve less on there in general, but I don't know enough to make any statement

I can't give you a figure for ebay as it fluctuates so much, however I would suggest listing it at £300 with offers accepted, this figure is based on what I've seen beaten up non sub bags go for.......assuming that figure is acceptable to you.

I find bags with receipts, good clear pictures, full disclosures of any faults seem to achieve higher prices than those without receipts, poor pics etc.

If you don't get any interest, then start lowering your asking price.

I haven't seen many 00 on ebay so not sure what the demand is for them.

I keep an eye on darias and have seen used bags go for more than new ones

Would be good to see pictures


Jan 3, 2014
I looooove these, I didn't buy one new with tags out of principle recently on ebayc (listed as a buy it now as £230/40 ish) kicking myself as I really wanted it, that was the satchel one.