Daria Handbag

  1. Does anyone own the Daria? If so what color, and what are your likes and or dislikes if any?
  2. I saw an Amethyst (from previous season, gorgeous dark eggplant color) Daria during NM's sale a few months ago, I don't love this style.
  3. It's like a shorter, longer version of the elise, correct? I've seen photos of the amethyst online, very pretty color. I imagine that it would be a nice bag to find items inside easily because it's not deep.
  4. You know I was trying to find that bag for the LONGEST time...I gave up..but I'm still in the market for one if I or someone else comes across it! Good luck!!!
  5. I saw a woman out shopping with a red Daria. I saw a purple one at NM earlier this year. I like the style.
  6. There is a wonderful lady that owns a White Daria and I see her in the cafeteria that our companies share. I couldn't believe how long it was when I saw it IRL. Didn't look akward... I just underestimate how long 14 inches is. :shame:
  7. That's what I dislike about Daria - very wide but short bag. I prefer Elise b/c it's taller & more proportioned. =)
  8. I have seen it in a cool canary yellow on eBay, but I bet amythest is gorgeous!
  9. Cute purse.
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