darelgirl's babies

  1. Ladies,

    At first i wasn't going to post my bags here in the showcase section, because i was kind of embarrassed having the same bag in different colors!
    But since many of you gave me the feeling that there is nothing to be ashamed of i decided to post all of them!
    You girls are the best!!! I love this forum!!!:lol: :love:

    So, here is my obsession!!!!:love: :love: :love:


    (Sorry for the bad pics:biggrin: )
    pf5.JPG pf1.JPG pf2.JPG pf3.JPG pf4.JPG
  2. more pics:nuts:
    ppf1.JPG ppf2.JPG ppf5.JPG ppf6.JPG ppf34.JPG rose2.JPG ppf7.JPG
  3. loveeeeeeeee them
  4. rofl I just love them. You really deserve your name. OMG now it's not a case of wanting one it's a case of need for me. Can we swop bags from time to time. I would you let carry my paddy as well and this I never ever offered anybody else!

  5. hahahaha:lol:

    you are too sweet tanja!!! i will let you carry my GD as well:biggrin: !

    Next time you are in berlin just tell me and we will go for bag-shopping:love:
  6. LOOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEEE THEM! Especially the Turquoise, White, Chain, and Pink ones. :love:
  7. Love love love your GD bags! They look so pretty in all the different colors ... I can understand why you couldn't stop at one!
  8. Nice collection! I think it's great that you have such a variety of colors.
  9. Thanks SO much for posting those! I loved looking at your pics. As someone who also collects the exact same bag in many different colors (and who is so embarrassed by doing so that I won't actually admit to how many I have), I truly enjoyed admiring yours. Sometimes when you find the perfect style that works for you both aesthetically and practically, you just want to stick with it. Your whole collection is really gorgeous!
  10. Yay!! The new family portrait! :love: :love: :love: :love: I LOVE your collection!!! Is there a #10 on the way ;) ?
  11. thank you for your nice words:love: How many bags do you have of one style?????

    fopduck, yes there will be a 10th and maybe a 11th GD bag! I am still working on it:lol:
  12. Darelgirl, yes, your name does suit you!! Love them all, especially that purple colored one!
  13. and i like your longchamps too....so small ans sweet!!
  14. those are great bags, love your collection!
  15. I love these bags and pics! The way you've arranged them gives them such personality! I especially like the pic where they are in the circular formation on the bed (maybe doing the congo?)

    Thanks for sharing! i want one now!