Darelgirl, you got me hooked on Darel bags, heheh

  1. After seeing all of Darelgirls collection, I bought a dark chocolate Darel Charolotte on Ebay. I just love the style, size, and feel. I wear it everyday to work and to the stores and got several compliments. My cousin even wants to buy it from me. Darelgirl, I think the company should pay you a commission to advertise their handbags, hehehe.

    The lady that I bought the purse from recommended a boutique in Florida. The boutique only have one light brown (I'm thinking the tan/caramel color) in stock, by what the lady described. I quickly bought it and it should arrive by this weekend.

    darelgirl, does the white color bag get dirty easily? I really want a white/off white color, but hesitated.

  2. Arghhh, I've been trying to buy a Darel for at least 6 months, and have had no luck.:hysteric: I watch ebay religiously, too. I'm jealous! Post a pic when your bag arrives. That way, I can at least enjoy it vicariously!
  3. hahahaha....devoted you are so sweet!:lol: I'm sorry that you got the Darel-fever from me!!! But i have to say that those bags are just great!:heart: I have like 15 of them and i love every single one.

    Yes, the white gets dirty easily....i have heard that from other girls.....i hardly ever carry the white because i'm too afraid to ruin it!!!

    Anyway, congrats on your new GD!!! Please post pics soon!!! If you have any questions feel free to pm me!!!:yes:
  4. hint: try ebay.fr (ebay in france) - they always have tons on sale. Also search for "Darel sac" instead of bag.

    good luck!
  5. yes, i saw that style when i was in paris!!!! I liked it very much!! I didn't buy it back then....but i am thinking of getting one soon :smile:
  6. I'm curious about this...I received a NM email mentioning new bags for this season - Gerard Darel bags. The price was $600+. Is that a bit too much to pay? The colors were only black and brown. These bags are beautiful!
  7. If you look at the NM website, the over $600 bags seem to be larger than the "standard" drape bag (at least, that seems to be the case judging from the dimensions given, 12"H x 21"W x 5 1/2"D). The chain handled bag and the metallic leather bags, also available at the NM website, are priced at about $470 and $350, and I think those are the standard size.

    Try looking under "handbags" and then under "satchels".

    Hope that helps.