Darel Gerard HELP needed!!!

  1. Since I don't know much about all the Darel Gerard I am begging for your knowledge!!!!!!

    Is there a 36 hr bag? I know the Charlotte bag and is that also referred to as the 24 hour bag? :hrmm: Am I all confused or what?:lol:

    Any input would be very helpful!!! Thanks!:heart:
  2. I'm not sure but I think the Charlotte is referred to as the 24. As for the 36, no clue, but I do know this style comes in some larger sizes (including one that is really a suitcase, albeit an inconvenient one).

    I have the 24, and it's lovely! It's very spacious and hangs very elegantly.
  3. Thanks Amina!:flowers: I was just wondering if anyone has any info about the 36? Does it exist?
  4. pics?
  5. Someone HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. you know what? somewhere in the recesses of my mind, I've heard the 36 referred to before. I'm pm'ing you the ID of someone on this forum who could help. If you PM her, she might know more.
  7. The 36 is bigger, much bigger. There's also a HUGE 48 (sort of a weekend bag)
  8. Does someone have a picture of the 36? Thanks Kathy!
  9. you know there is someone on our forum "darelgirl" i believe who is the EXPERT on these bags. might want to try to PM her
  10. Yes! Definitely pm darelgirl, I believe that she has one of the 36s, which the larger size GD. She loves GD stuff, and is supersweet.
  11. I actually have a 36! It's a size bigger than the 24 charlotte. Let me see if I can dig up a picture... I got it in the gray and I love it!
    darel bag.JPG
  12. Thanks Sassy!

    Then for sure, the current GD bag on sale at NM.com is a 36 Charlotte with flap...what a great deal for $318!!:rochard:

    It's less expensive than the normal 24H in regular leather!!
  13. Sassy~ thank you for getting the picture of it!!!!! ME WANT!:love: ME REALLY WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!:nuts: Where can I find it???????????????:shrugs:
  14. Maybe call Balisimo 310-543-5540 and ask Toni if they can order the 36 size. I bought a 24 two mos ago for my sister from her. She was very friendly and helpful. She is expecting spring bags. Hope you find one.
  15. The 36 h is all over French departments stores this season. I already have 3 24 and am seriously contemplating getting the 36h to get in the big slouchy bag trend (which i adore) at a decent price. It also has a bunch of little pockets and a key hook that the 24h doesn't have. Good luck. I meant inside pockets.