darel charlotte bag

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  1. hello!
    what do you think about gerard darel's charlotte bag?
    I bought it in black and i love it sooo much, it wasn't expensive (250 euros) but the leather is great! The darel's leather is much better than gucci's...by the way, i am gifting my cousin with my guccis because i refuse to continue using them, the quality is terrible, one of my shopper's handle broke after a few weeks!!
    Anyway, i love so much this bag that i am planning to but it in white and in brown!
    I was searching for a nice bag that is not common. I am now living in rome and here it is full of fake bags!!! There are so many louis vuitton fake bags that i am actually getting bored of vuitton...:evil:
  2. Hi! :smile:

    I love this bag too! But here in the U.S. it's hard to find stores that carry them. I have a black one that I ordered a while ago, but I really want light, vintage-y brown one. So do you guys have the bag in many colors over in Europe?
  3. I bought mine in the Darel store in rome and they had many colours! There are the new bags coming soon which are all embroidered and i can't wait to see them!
    you can check out in www.ebay.fr, one of my friends bought one there and it is authentic beacuse we compared it to mine and i doubt that there are fake darel bags going around.
  4. I forgot to write that strangely in france the charlotte bag is not easy to find!!
  5. Oh Thanks! I'll check it out now...
    I'm so envious that you got to see them in person! Hope you'll post pics when you get yours :smile:
  6. Hi!
    I already got mine!
    Unfortunately my digital camera broke :sad: I made a photo wit my cell phone and sent it to myself so I could link it from my phone's mail box but if i do that my telephone number will appear and obviously i am not very happy about this :smile:
    If you want, next time i'll got to the store I'll see what colours they have and tell you!
  7. Yes, please! You're so nice!
    I'm thinking about ordering a brown from Harrods, maybe. Hmm...
  8. I have one I bought at a boutique in California.

    1716 S. Catalina Ave, #104
    Redondo Beach, CA

    The lady who owns it said she will be getting in some black, tan, and brown suede. I'm wanting a tan. The leather is so sumptuous.

    Here are some pics.

    Attached Files:

  9. Yes the brown one is soooooo nice, I can't wait to buy it!!!!!
    I hope they have a catalogue in their shop, the website shows only a photo!
  10. oohhhh my baby
    i love it so much
    it is my favourite bag right now!! (apart from the hermes', obviously)
  11. I must agree. What a great bag for the money!
  12. my fave bag at the moment. Thinking of getting it in black. Its better to snatch it up before it floods over here and price of the bag is jacked up.

    Great bag, Greenie btw!
  13. It's look nice. How much they sell in in US?
  14. Greenie,
    What color is yours? I love it. Is yours has a bit metalic color on it? I think I am going to give them a call and get one. How much do you pay for your? This is such a great forum for bag lover he he..
  15. Thanks everyone. The price was $325 plus $10 for shipping. The color is just black. No metallic. Just very soft, squishy leather. I had to stuff it with two shirts to get it to stand up!

    The lady at the boutique was very nice. She said she would call me when the tan comes in. The tan is beautiful.:love: There's one for sale on french ebay.