Darel bags : your choices and why ?

  1. Bonjour, for the girls who are in love with Darel bags. What is your favorite : regular one, chain straps one or mini-drape one (with chain straps too). Why ?
  2. Salut!

    I chose the regular "24 heures/drapé/Charlotte" in "cuir grainé marron foncé" (pebbled leather dark brown).

    The reason is it was my first Darel bag, so I wanted something suitable for every day life (metro, going to the office...).

    I did not like the contrasting white stitching on the model with pockets :yucky: . And I think the ones with chains are ok, but I prefered the regular one.

    I would love to get the goat suede in camel, but my bank account needs some rest!
  3. hmmmm...that is a tough question:amazed: :hrmm:

    For an everyday bag i like the regular charlotte with the laether straps more but when i go out i usually choose between my chain strap bags:heart:

    Please don't make me choose one of them as my favourite!!! :cry: They are soooo many!!!

    I love them all:heart: :heart: :love: :love:
  4. Could you post some pictures of the various types of Darel bags? The only kind I know (and I own) is the 24 hrs Charlotte in plain leather (off white color). Thanks. :smile:
  5. Here are some pics to get u an idea:smile:

    Chain strap bag
    Mini sac drape with chains
    Regular charlotte
    DSC00886.JPG pockets.JPG ppf3.JPG
  6. ^^I like the first one best :flowers:
  7. I have the 24 hour charlotte in camel and I love it. It's a super every day bag and it seems to go with almost my entire wardrobe.
  8. I have the 24 hour in chocolate and camel and find I use the chocolate more. The camel will be going on ebay even though parting is such sweet sorrow. :cry:

  9. ehi, girl!you didn't tell me you did add a mini sac drape to your collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!:hrmm: :cry:
    anyway, congrats, that's just lovely!:angel: :love:
    can't wait to see your new purchases in Paris!!!!:rolleyes: :yahoo:
  10. oh mischa, i thought you saw my thread!!!:cry:

    I purchased two more GD's:heart: :heart: :heart:

    I am still waiting for pics of your GD bag!!!!:hrmm: :rolleyes:
  11. i prefere the regular one!
  12. I have this one also. What a great bag.
  13. I love your Darels!! My fav is the one with chains.
  14. ok, i'll look for your new thread:biggrin:...and hopefully you'll be able to see my photoes very soon!!!!!:yahoo: