Dare I? Fuschia Denim Question

  1. While getting the neo cabby, fuschia denim caught my eye. There were a couple of neo speedys left but there's a baggy pm on eBay that's quite reasonable. I prefer a shoulder bag and don't mind buying used. Opinions, o wise women (and men)?
  2. Actually I just bought the Denim PM in fuschia and it's my favorite bag right now!!!

    Go for it! The SA at the store I go to told me the Fuschia is a limited color! So there's the plus!
  3. I think the Fushia denim would be great.
  4. The fuschia is really pretty.....ask yourself if you really NEED it....that's what DH says. Of course, we NEED our bags!! Go for it, if you love it!!
  5. I think the Fuschia is beautiful is beautiful...If you know the one on eBay is real I would go for it!
  6. Fuschia is stunning! When I wear out my neo speedy it gets so many looks. You will be surprised at how many outfits this color coordiniates with. As another poster mentioned it is out of production. So once the remaining stock is sold that's it. The baggy's are super comfortable. You will love it I could practically guarantee it.
  7. Just bought this bag recenty myself.. Love the baggy because like you I love shoulder bags. I say if you can save some $$$ and the bag is in great condition go for the baggy. This way maybe you 'll have saved enough that maybe you could another bag or wallet even :smile:
  8. go for it!! :nuts: :biggrin:
  9. <-love my fuschia denim baggy GM, you will too.
  10. get the baggy. I have it and love it. as pink is sold out, I would go for it on ebay. just be sure to get it authenticated first.
  11. If you prefer a shoulder bag, you should a baggy. I can see the point why it is more practical and fits your lifestyle more than a speedy and the pink denim looks very feminine and pops.
  12. definitely go for it if you like it. it's discontinued now (both style and color) and it's probably one of the most comfortable shoulder bags LV has put out. it's extremely lightweight as well. plus, the color is TDF!

    i have the GM below:

  13. Fuschia is my favorite denim color. Get it!!!!!!!
  14. I echo all the above. It's a great shoulder bag, very comfy and cute to boot! :biggrin:
  15. Go for it! I love fuschia denim -- such a beautiful color!