dare I ask - are SMs back from podium?

  1. Is there any news from the February podium?
  2. They don't tell the boutiques for a while what orders went thru. They like to make us sweat it out. You will have your baby before you hear from them!
  3. Follow up question - when do the orders they just placed arrive in the stores?
  4. orders from feb podium? I believe it usually takes at least 1 yr. correct me if i'm wrong....
  5. our's doesnt come back until after valentines!
  6. my manager knows the second she places it...if it was accepted or not...for podium

    but my manager isn't back.

    normally she calls in to tell the SAs which orders were accepted, etc

    but I only ordered goodies...no bags.
  7. My understanding is the same as guccigal. The manager knows when they come back. My SA told me they'd call if there was a problem, which was the philosophy I had for my last PO. So, no news is good news. I saw her the other day, along with the manager, and they they didn't bring up the P.O. so all is good.
  8. mine isn't back till later either.
  9. I haven't seen my manager. Then again, it's the Chinese New Year holidays around here. The SAs who accompanied her for the Feb podium have returned though. Some time last week.
  10. Feb podium orders? These are for AW2008. And they arrive about late Aug/early Sep 2008. Exceptions for Paris and Italy. Earlier for these countries.
  11. Last weekend I made a trip to H, and my SA told me that the SM was currently there. He also told me that my order would be turned in at that time. I asked him when could I expect my Birkin, and he casually stated that it would take anywhere from six months to a year(February). The prospective arrival time would be fine with me since my fifteenth anniversary is not until early next year.
  12. i wish you all the best of luck and may every order be accepted!
  13. Did anyone order a Barenia anything?
  14. I was told by my SA that it will take 6-10 months for the Feb orders to arrive (at least with the Birkin that I ordered).
    At the same time I ordered a lotus cadena, that has already arrived and a breloque, that will arrive sometime during spring.
  15. mines back (at least one of them) she was only given one day off to recover from the jet lag, and them pumped back into the store.