Darcy Hobo Luv (or Not)?

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  1. Just purchased the Darcy Hobo in black pebbled/washed lambskin from Nordstroms. For a while now I have been looking at the Satchel, but because the additional strap did not seem long enough to accomodate crossbody, I opted for the hobo. After wearing this bag for the second day now, I have discovered that it is indeed HEAVY, but overall manageable. My only real source of discontent is the price. Because I have always been accustomed to high-end bags more often than not made in Italy, I am having a real issue with paying almost a thousand for a bag made in China. Since I have never owned an Alexander Wang, I have to ask the question "are his bags of superior quality and will they stand the test of time." While I am sure no one can truly answer that question given everyone treats their bags differently, are there any girls on this forum who have (or currently) owned Alexander Wang and thus far are happy with the quality. For the most part this bag looks every bit as well made and expensive as any of the bags costing a few hundred more and made in Italy.

    Right now I am just tying to figure out if this bag is truly worth what I paid for it.

    Any and all comments appreciated.
  2. I used to think like that. I would never dream of having an LV made anywhere else but France. Once Prada and several other 'high end' designers outsourced to China it was time to bite the bullet. If I like a bag I buy it. There were some postings a while back on the Prada forum that made in Italy could mean that either the materials were from Italy but assembled in China or that 95% of the item was assembled in China but it was finished in Italy. Or made in Italy by Chinese workers


    I was already getting sour on Prada before the 'made in China' debate reared it's ugly head. What I didn't like was the deception. At least with AW you know where the product is coming from.
  3. Thank you so much. I had problems with a Chanel Jumbo Classic Flap in Navy Lambskin wherein the color started wearing on the corners after only 8 months of intermittent wear. I learned very quickly how awful Chanel customer service really is and it if were not for Bloomingdales' willingness to stand by customer purchases, I would probably still be stuck with that bag. I now only purchase my designer bags from Nordstroms or Bloomingdales, both of whom have excellent customer service.

    As for my new Darcy, for the most part I love the bag due mostly in part to the unique factor, which first attracted me to the Rocco. Unfortunately, it was the PurseForum women who turned me against the Rocco given all the problems reported. I do not find much said about the Darcy, which may mean overall that it is probably a better and durable design. However, the reports of leather wearing concerns me and if I do decide to return it, it will be for fear of that very reason alone. I believe that when you pay thousand(s) for a bag, that bag should last for years and years before wear starts to take place. I never condition any of my bags, wear them rain or shine and basically feel that for the money I pay, babying them is not an option. A purse is supposed to be a workhorse and main staple of a wardrobe.

    Fortunate for me I am employed in the legal industry and would be a designer's worst nightmare should a bag I paid good money for fall apart after only months (or even a year) of wear - constant or not.
  4. Hello :smile: I have owned a darcy hobo in black pebbled leather with rose gold hardware for about 6 month now and im still LOVING IT i think the bag is great quality and its quite durable so far. It is a bi heavy but I don't mind the weight!! I know that it is made in china and still the price is pretty expensive but i do think its worth it if you love it like i do!
  5. I agree with allthedeails - I have a black darcy too and I love it. I bought it over a year ago and even though I use it a lot (really a lot - in rain, in snow, in sun :smile: ) it still loks perfect. What is more, it's just a bag you don't need to babysit at all!

    btw I loooveee Frenchies! ;)