Daphodil's Collection (Small but growing!)

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  1. I became interested in bags after my college graduation 2 years ago, but never really started buying until this past november, when I became obsessed with Balenciaga! From there on I had mini obsessions with Belen Echandia, Rebecca Minkoff and LV, but my heart belongs to Bal and RM.

    My Balenciaga bags

    -08 Black Shoulder
    -07 Sienna Twiggy
    -06 Emerald First
    -06 Blueberry Day
    -07 Violet money
    -07 Vermillion money

    (The white city is from '05 and no longer with me)
    IMGP6414.jpg IMGP6391.jpg IMGP6394.jpg IMGP6296.jpg DSCF0957.jpg
  2. I love Rebecca Minkoff bags for the great value and beautiful leather on the bags. I sold my Morning After Mini in Cream after not using it for a couple months, but found that I missed it so much, I had to go on a mad hunt to find another one to buy. Thankfully, one of the online retailers had one still in stock and I was able to buy it back!

    After seeing the Matinee bag in Wine on Vanessa Hudgens, I decided I had to have one too. But since it was completely sold out, I purchased the midnight/pewter instead. And then, luckily (or unluckily, depending if you're looking at it from my point of view or that of my bank), RM decided to custom order some wine Matinee's for us, and I now have one of those beauties on it's way to me!
    IMGP6300.jpg DSCF1007.jpg IMGP6372.jpg
  3. LOVE your bbags! Esp. that Blueberry Day and the Violet Money! :nuts: Now I REALLY want a bbag! Thanks for sharing!
  4. love the colors and bags too:yes:
  5. great Bbags!
  6. Very nice collection! your B bags are tdf
  7. Great, great, great :yahoo::yahoo:
    Lovely collection:tup:!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Great BBag colors!! Love your collection!
  9. I love your Bbag collection! Drooling over your Violet Money ... yum!
  10. Great collection! Love the Balenciagas! Nice colors~
  11. ahhh daph I love your collection!
  12. Thanks everyone!! I've always tried to stick to the more neutral bbag colours, but i've been starting to broaden my horizons a bit!

    I've still got the rest of my pics to post but that'll have to happen after my exam tomorrow :yes: Stay tuned!!!

  13. I'm pretty sure i've said this before, but we have the same taste in bags!! Love your collection =)
  14. Very nice collection!
  15. Your RM Cream MAM and Emerald Bbag First are gorgeous!! I have been looking for an 07 violet money EVERYWHERE but I can't seem to find it--SO JEALOUS!