Daphne's email at BalNYC?

  1. Does anyone have it? I need to ask her a question. Would it be rude for me to email her if I never have before, or not since it is her work email and not personal? Thanks!
  2. I don't have Daphne's e-mail...just the one on Kim's business card, but it seems to be a general e-mail box. I did e-mail Kim there once, but I don't even know if she got it because I called, too.

    If you want the general one, it's: balstr001.newyork@us.balenciaga.com

    You should definitely e-mail her if you want to, just introduce yourself and say a friend recommended you e-mail her...
  3. carrie--i have the same one highgloss provided on Sarah's business card too. I'm not sure how individualized you can make the emails since it is going to whoever checks email(i'm assuming?) i like to speak to them over the phone usually.
  4. Just put "TO DAPHNE" in the subject line. I've always had good luck this way. I use the same address highgloss posted.
  5. Just curious...has anyone ever used the email route to check stock on a particular bbag there? Or, does everyone just call? As a rule I generally pick up the phone, but since I always seem to do a lot of my "shopping" ;) at night and get my impulses to buy after most stores are closed, it would be nice to be able to shoot off an email when the thought is on the top of my head. :graucho:
  6. Larnette, I do that sometimes. Since I'm at work during the day it's easier for me to shoot off an email than call sometimes. I don't expect a fast answer but sometimes they surprise me. If I'm jonesing hard then I definitely call.
  7. Cool! Thanks Glimmer--I think I'll give it a try!