Daphne, wherefore art thou??

  1. Being new to Coach World, I am still learning about the cycles of new releases, but was wondering if any of you had info on the Daphne? I love the style, and really want one, or at least to see one IRL. Was this a short-lived style? Or will it be released again? Thanks.
  2. I have the Daphne in black leather. I love her, she's gorgeous. I have no idea if she will ever be re-released though. I know in the new collection there are a couple pieces of jewelry with the Daphne name, but I don't think that means anything. We can always hope though!

    My Daphne is the one bag I ever purchased on eBay. I got an awesome deal and really love her. I actually saw two of her at the San Marcos, Texas outlet earlier this year, and late last year we got one in as a customer return to the outlet I used to work for in Carlsbad, CA. So they still pop up every once in a while. :smile:
  3. Oh my god, look at this bag...beautiful!! Sorry, just found this and wanted to post it..is this a daphne?

  4. There was also the earliest Daphne, which was done in two different satchel sizes. Leather with embossed Cs. They came in red, black and a TDF yellow.
  5. yup, that's a daphne
  6. I had never noticed these daphnes till this thread...now i'm sitting here drooling and trying to justify the $300 dollars...haha

    Soo pretty!!!
  7. you know, i got a call from the coach outlet in vacaville, ca, maybe a month or two ago, saying they'd just gotten a huge box of the original daphne satchel (with the braided handles)....pricing was really reasonable, and if they have any left, would probably be downright cheap by now!
  8. There were a few different styles of Daphne. The one I have is the one with the braided handles and the doctor bag shape.