daphne satchel from last legacy collection?

  1. hey all...sorry to butt in (i'm normally over on the MJ board), but i was hoping you guys could help me out :smile: i'm a little late to the party, but have decided i really want a daphne satchel from the last legacy collection (in black leather). other than ebay, do you guys know of anywhere to find these still? are the outlets completely out??

    if anyone has any ideas, i'd love to hear them.

    also.....if you have it, i'd love to know if you still use it regularly? i'm trying to decide if it's too wide to carry as an everyday bag, and also trying to figure out whether it would fit well under my arm. any thoughts??

  2. Hi! Is it the daphne that looks like a doctor bag with the braided handles and turnlock front pockets? If so, the last time I saw these at an outlet was probably mid summer in the canvas/gold leather trim, canvas/white leather trim, and canvas/yellow leather trim. I did not see the black, brown, or canvas/brown leather trim daphnes at the outlet I usually go to (San Marcos, CA).

    I have the canvas/brown leather trim one. I use it maybe every other month as it is one of my favorites. I use it more as an office bag, but have carried it as an everyday bag too. For me, it's too bulky to fit under my arm, but I prefer to carry handhelds anyway.
  3. I would like by now, it would be very hard to get in the outlets. Try ebay.
  4. ricoem - yep, that's the one :smile: i figured i was probably too late for the outlets....

    how heavy is it? do you mind carrying it as a handheld? i was looking at the satchel from the current legacy collection, and decided against it because it's really heavy! how does the daphne compare?? (if you know, of course :P )

    thanks much!
  5. this one, right, but in black leather? the sawgrass mills outlet had one a week ago at $489.99 - 20%. I'm not sure if it's still there though, you might want to call and see if they'll ship.

    I use mine off and on because it is heavy. not as heavy as the other legacy bags, but pretty heavy! I usually alternate between shoulder and handheld to give my shoulders a rest.
    daphne.jpg rw1.jpg rw2.jpg rw3.jpg
  6. I have it in the black leather....got it at an outlet in July...haven't seen any since. I think its too bulky to go under the arm...but I have done it when I've been tired of carrying it. Its definitely heavy...but it can hold so much...its fabulous if you need to carry a lot. I like it best when I'm traveling and want a lot of things with me on the plane.
  7. It's fairly heavy even without anything in it. Compared to the current all leather Daphne satchel--it's probably just as heavy. I personally like the doctor bag daphne better because of how it looks--I think it looks better as a handheld too.
  8. I have the Daphne in black leather and LOVE it, but I do get frustrated sometimes with how heavy it can get. I got mine from Saks on sale for about $400. Hopefully you'll be able to find one around that price on ebay...good luck!!!
  9. thanks, guys...i think you've curbed my coveting - if it's as heavy as this year's legacy collection, i think i'm too weak to carry it as a daily bag :smile:

    i appreciate all of the help!