~*~ Daphne Guinness style thread ~*~

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  2. She rocks all her outfits in her own unique way...
  3. Lady Gaga was probably her child in a past life...
  4. Well said!
  5. I love Daphne. Lady Gaga not so much though!
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  7. Daphne Guinness hosts the Haute Living and Roger Dubuis dinner at Azur on December 5, 2012 in Miami Beach, Florida. credit: zimbio
    Daphne+Guinness+Haute+Living+Roger+Dubuis+q7gfy9-jEn9x.jpg Daphne+Guinness+Haute+Living+Roger+Dubuis+b8mdOWQLgBMx.jpg Daphne+Guinness+Haute+Living+Roger+Dubuis+O7c8ZsFHrq7x.jpg
  8. Daphne Guinness attend the 2012 Convivio charity gala event on June 7, 2012 in Milan, Italy. credit: zimbio
    Daphne+Guinness+2012+Convivio+Arrivals+Mbjt8PBAOn5x.jpg Daphne+Guinness+2012+Convivio+Arrivals+s6gzXPuatyfx.jpg
  9. she is not aging well.....
  10. DG looks a little spooky in these pics.
    Halloween, anyone?
  11. She's been watching too much Twilight! Stop with the white dusting, plus Ms Guinness needs to eat solids again, she looks like a frail praying mantis
  12. I actually feel a bit bad about my comments ^^ we used to go to the same gym in London and spoke once earlier this year, she was super sweet and actually seemed very shy. Spoke in whispers, I had to ask her to speak up twice.
  13. As someone who is very shy, speaks in whispers and is constantly asked to speak up, it really sucks sometimes. Most people think your snotty and you don't want to speak to them but it is quite the opposite. Too bad most people never give a person who is shy a chance.:flowers:It does take a bit to warm up to someone but after that watch out!!!:pMany apologies for the off topic comment.:shame:
  14. Actually, now I feel badly about my snarky comment, too. She is such a style icon, hate seeing bad pics of her!