Daphne as a winter bag?

  1. Last year I pretty much ruined my brown leather pocket satchel by using it in the winter. This year, I have the black leather Daphne, and the leather on it seems different. Do you think it'll survive the winter, or will it get damaged by the cold weather and snow? Anyone have experience using their Daphne last winter?

  2. what do you mean by ruined?

    my suggestion to you is that if you buy another leather bag for the winter, that you treat it as soon as you buy it, to help protect it.

    i've never had any problems using my leather bags in the winter personally.
  3. I don't have a daphne, but I do have a black leather Coach bag from the same year with basically the same leather and it held up to last winter beautifully. Treat it and clean it periodically with Coach leather cleaner and moisturizer and you should be fine.
  4. The leather on my pocket satchel is all cracked and dry from the cold weather last year...

    Thanks for the tips - I'll definitely treat and clean the Daphne then...
  5. If you still have your paperwork that came with the daphne you should check it...mine said NOT to use the coach cleaner or moisturizer. If you don't have it I'd call coach customer service with the style number and ask them.
  6. My care instructions say that too! But then does that mean you don't do anything to protect the daphne then??? :shrugs:
  7. I didn't do anything...but I didn't have it during the winter last year...but I don't normally do anything special to protect or treat my leather bags in the winter and they're just fine. And I lived in CA the last few years...all it does there is rain in the winter.
  8. Yeah I didn't have it last winter either. I live in Canada though, so my bags probably need a bit more protection...LOL...