Danube or Wapity?

  1. Forget about the price difference :p. Which one would you like best as a camera/sightseeing 'bag'? I'm always carrying my digital camera and small digital video camera everywhere. I love to take photo---especially of my boys . I want a cute camera bag. I just have the plain little cases that you buy for any camera now.

    I also love the fact that you can just use these to carry your cell phone and small essentials when you are running about..particularly on vacation...etc. I'd love to have it before our travels this summer....

    I'm leaning towards the Danube.... It's cute and I've never seen anyone with one that I recall...
  2. I like the wapity. :smile:
  3. I would get the Danube since it has a strap that can be rested on your shoulder or worn across the body. :smile:
  4. Ceriified wapahoic here, don't know if it would hold a dvr though. I like the idea of the shoulder strap.....until you want to carry it another bag, than it really gets in the way. I prefer the mini lin Danube over the mono, don't really care for the vachetta corners they look out of proportion to me.
  5. Did you think of the new Macao Clutch by chance? If I were looking for a wapity type thing for a camera with a bit more room, I'd like to check that new beauty out .. especially if you like Damier by chance. Not sure how large the separations are inside if it would work for a camera .. I want to check those out .. Your other options are nice :smile:
  6. ^^ No I haven't seen that one. I'll have to check it out.
    I'm really leaning towards the Danube and think I will likely get that one but I will check out the one you mentioned first. Thanks!

    Also thanks to the others who have posted their opinions so far!:heart:
  7. Wapity is super cute, and I've always wanted one, but it's also super tiny. I'd pick the danube because you can easily fit a camera and other essentials in there.
  8. How about the cancun cluthch?
  9. ITA Waptiy is cute but itll get old having hold it. With the danube you can be hands free if need be.
  10. I'd get the Danube. It's fits more if you want to carry your camera AND essentials... especially a video camera... the Wapity is kinda small!

    What danube Would you get? Mono or Mini Lin
  11. The Wapity is cute but it isn't practical as a primary travel bag. When you're away you won't just be carrying a camera, you'll also need your passport, maps, and a whole lot of other junk that won't fit into the little clutch.
  12. I like the Danube.
  13. I am a danube and wapity owner hehe.. my advice is that for your needs the danube is the best.
  14. I like the Danube.
  15. I like danube. I saw SO danube in damier in London. It was gorgeous!!:drool: