1. Does anybody here like Dansko clogs/boots/shoes?

    I started wearing their professional clog for work, and then ended up wearing Dansko almost everywhere except for the most formal occasions. I realize I may be a bit of a freak, but are there any other people who like Dansko?
  2. I have a pair but I think they need to be stretched b/c both shoes irritate my pinky toes. I find I'm the only Dansko owner with that problem!
  3. My mom loves those, and I have to say they are sooo comfortable!!! They're like slippers, and I think their leather clogs are pretty cute!
  4. Janos614-- yep, I've never heard of that problem, but then my running buddies swear by new balance but I want to amputate my pinky toe when I wear them because they're really irritating in that area!
  5. I love the way Dansko's feel. I just hate shoes that are too clunky so I've only purchased a few. They have all been very comfortable.