Danny's Collection

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  1. Well im only 14 but i love louis vuitton and i have Daddy's Plastic!!! lol this is about half of my collection

    My mom gave me my 1st birkin for my B-day its VINTAGE!!!

    i have 2 birkins

    over 50 Louis Vuitton bags

    over 10 Tiffany Pieces

    1 Louis Vuitton Alzer trunk

    Will Get more PICS!!!!


  2. nice birkin
  3. Wow and only 14!!! Lovely collection and can't wait to see more pics
  4. Awesome, thanks for sharing!
  5. intresting.
  6. Wow, beautiful collection! Love your Cherry Blossom Papillon! :nuts: Thanks for sharing!
  7. u r a lucky child...great collcetion:tup:
  8. wow, lucky you
  9. What happened to more pics? We want to see it all!!!!
  10. Okay
  11. eager for more detailed pics!
  12. This kid is a fraud he's been outed on MySpace for lying as well as owning fake bags...tsk tsk.
  13. ummm ok
  14. This is a serious accusation to write that someone is a "fraud" my best advice would be for you to contact a mod to edit your post. It's defamatory.
  15. ^^^ I would tend to believe someone's that has been here for almost 2 years than a kid that's barely here 4 months ... esp. since the kid opens threads in LV sub-forum about "going up to a complete stranger and blatantly telling her that her bag is a fake!".
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.