Dannng, this bag looks smoking hot with a Patina.

  1. Aww :love:
  2. I never really like the Mono Stephen with the white vachetta, but this is something.

    It complements the removable strap very well, so sexay!
  3. I was already watching the auction and I love it too
  4. lol...I sold mine when it no longer looked white!!! I love how we all have different tastes! I would have kept this bag forever if I could have kept the vachetta light! Its such a great bag!
  5. Wow it looks great.
  6. Hey girl! I miss talking to you!

    Hope your well, ok back on topic:

    Haha, I love love love the bag with patina.

    But some people like 'em white.

    Haha, Message me soon Sunshine! :heart:
  7. The bag is hot, If i hadnt had purchased a MC speedy I would be dying for a Mono Stephen!
  8. Sophia you changed your Avator!!! Nice to "see" you!!! Hope your summer is going great! I will be in touch!! SO are you going to get that beauty???
  9. Its either the Monogram Stephen next or the Graffiti Speedy!

    Haha, Sunshine I miss you! And its nice to "see" Amy Winehouse haha, but I love her!
  10. That bag is SO hot.
  11. im with sunshine on this one, i liked it pale.
  12. Lolly! The bag is amazing!

  13. it looks great !
  14. odd that they dont really show a good pic' of that water spot :sad: