danity Kane

  1. In their showstopper video they are in a car with lous vuitton interior, anyone else see this?? :P
  2. Yeah and they sing about Louis Vuitton as well...
  3. does louis vuitton make interior? I bet they could for celebrities if they special order it. What do you guys think?
  4. I hope not, that would be so tacky!
  5. haha i saw it too! i love dk.
  6. No, LV does not do vehicle interiors. They do alot of "sur-mesure" stuff, meaning they can make certain models of a range of their products for the right price, but cars....nah, :lol:

    That's just "gangsta" (pardon mon çaisFran) :smile:
  7. then howcome in their show stopper video they have lv monogram canvas interior??
  8. When the PT Cruiser came out Louis Vuitton did in fact outfit the interior with Damier. This car was auction off for one of their events for over 100K. It was in fact at one time displayed on the vuitton.com website which my dh found for me before I was into the internet. I rather go to the boutique and see things IRL especially from my favorite vice. Tacky? Not when Vuitton has sole control over the interior design and fitting process.
  9. A Britney Spears music video once featured a car with pink cherry blossom interiors.
  10. Yea I've heard of rappers getting pegases and keepalls and having the mono canvas cut off and sewn together and put into their cars
    (kanye did it)
  11. Fakes! :yes:
  12. ^ YUCK!!

    OK I just have to share a story with you all...

    a guy that my fiancee works with just bought a really old cadillac sedan and he asked my fiancee's opinion about putting [fake] LV mono material in the interior.

    Puke!! Soooo tacky!!

    I was so proud of my fiancee, though--he said "Uhhh fake anything is really sad!"

    LOL I think I have babbled on and on about how I HATE fakes one too many times!! :smile:
  13. Yes, fakes!

    You'd be surprised how much fakes are used on TV!
  14. yep i saw it... fugly!
  15. it says "louie vuitton seats" in the chorus and then the rapper says "louie v" like twice