Danish anyone? If so, please help!

  1. We are planning a dinner for a few Danish soccer coaches/players that are visiting (and were my son's coaches at soccer camp last week.) I have no idea what to fix for them!! Any suggestions??? I understand their diet is heavy in meat in potatos, but know this for sure. Please help! (If you are from another country besides the US, what would you want to eat if you were here???)
  2. I thought you were offering people pastry.....................
  3. My husband's family is of Danish descent, but my DH was born in Germany, they seem to like German food, meat and potatoes. I don't know if that helps.
  4. :smile: I would if i could.
  5. Thanks, Fendigal. Any info helps.
  6. I used to live in Denmark.. and yes Danish food consists of alot of meat and potatoes.

    How abt fixing something "American"?
    ie. Grilling burgers?
  7. I thought about that...but, they have been in the US for about 4 weeks. I think their host families have had a lot of BBQ's for them already. :smile: One of the coaches told us today that he is sick of Subway - I guess they have been eating there all week!!

    What kind of meat?? Ham? Beef??
  8. oooh, liver pate. lol! I have a danish friend who loves the stuff.
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